3. Finding and Sharing Your Mission – Bold Leadership

3. Finding and Sharing Your Mission – Bold Leadership

Leaders are purpose-driven and they become good at helping others attach to their purpose along with them. It is called purpose / meaning-making.

“What event from your past most profoundly impacts the way you show up as a leader today?”

Looking forward

  • Blue Flame – burn inside you: The most pure part of your essence, your purpose, your mission.
  • Purpose: A central, self-organizing life aim.
  • Central: The dominant part in your indentity – the core to who your are.
  • Life Aim: Something never achieved, always seeking new targets; aiming, but pushing for more.
Your Flow Blue Flame


  • What job would you dream of, even if it was not possible (president,…)? and why? After that, focusing on why, what your real purpose is and why you really want to be excited about showing up in the world.
  • What would you do, even if you didn’t get paid for it? Would you coach, would you speak, would you serve the poor, would you be in numbers, would you be in programming, would you really love the grit of cracking, the code of a tough.- What if after all of this essence, when I have been in most flow?
  • What if after looking forwward and saying how do I want to live my life?
  • What if after looking forward and saying how do I want to live my life?
  • What if after all of this you still can’t think of what that blue flame is for you?It’s okay. You know what if you still just have in your mind a job.It’s okay.
  • How do you want to live your life? Your life with? What joy with?
  • What serenity with? What happiness with? Who then that becom the essence of your blue flame. These question are intended to help you begin a journey of understanding purpose, of understanding what really drives you. What that blue flame is what you’re really trying to fullfill.