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4. Serving and Balancing Multiple Stakeholders – Bold Leadership

4 Serving And Balancing Multiple Stakeholders

To be a great leader you need to keep two things in mind at all times:

  1. The question: Who? – who are the people you are serving, working with and leading? Your clients, customers, teams,…
  2. Empathy for where they are and how you can help them get where they want to go.Stakeholders are individuals in groups you need to engage in order to co-create and to achieve your mission. Your stackholders can…

Diversity, Inclusion and Belong

  1. Diversity: Having diverse and rich points of view into the decision you’re making help you be transformative, expansive and more forward. You can’t create big & bold enough by yourself or with a limited definition of team
  2. Inclusion: Including diverse opinions into decision making. Inclusion increases empathy towards customers and clients. Increase innovation by bold thingking and inclusion.
  3. Belonging: The feeling of being “home”

Reflect on your Mission and:

Note: Focus on these 3 most important constituents from the selected groups.

Thank for Keith Ferrazzi!

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